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How this Law-student’s dress brand packs a visual punch in fashion

Tell us how you started and a bit about you. When did you start the clothing business? Also tell us more about your brand?

Well I just started out the brand in July, still trying to establish it as a big brand one day at a time. Janore is a bespoke fashion brand, all the dresses are made on order to fit the client.

And most times we offer versatile dresses which can be worn in different ways and styled to the taste of the owner and the interesting part is, when someone buys the dress they can also invent new styles themselves from the design .

Also it helps save money because you get different styles for the price of one.

How has the journey been?

It’s been a rollercoaster because generally I overthink things, if the designs will come out right, if anyone would like it, if I’m doing the right thing and all that. But in the end, it always works out.

What else do you do? You stay in Ibadan. We know fashion is big in Lagos. Any plans to relocate or are you still reaching the world from Ibadan?

I’m a law student at the Nigerian law school. I have bigger plans regarding location for my business which will be known later on.

Tell us about your challenges in making these clothes?

Well challenges are trying to make sure that the other styles also fit and will work on a normal day, to make sure the styles are practical in real life.

People who want to buy from outside these countries how do they patronize you? Or how will they get their clothes? Or no current plan for that yet?

I ship internationally as well. Through courier service ( I use dhl now ).

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